Zara González Hoang grew up in a little bungalow in the great white North. Surrounded by snow she spent her days dreaming, doodling and listening to the colorful stories of her Dad’s life growing up in Puerto Rico while trying to figure out where she fit in as a mixed-race Latina Jew in a sea of Scandinavians. (She’s still figuring that out.)

These days, she lives outside of DC in a magical suburban forest with her Mad Man husband, human-shaped demon and curly coated corgi. She still spends her days dreaming and doodling, but now instead of listening to stories, she’s starting to tell some of her own.

Her first picture book, Thread of Love written by Kabir and Surishtha Sehgal will be published Fall 2018 by Beach Lane Books / Simon and Schuster.

Zara is represented for children’s publishing by Andrea Morrison of Writers House.

Zara is available for freelance illustration jobs and licensing opportunities. Email her for more information.

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