#100daysoftwocolorcharacters – 22-28

#100daysoftwocolorcharacters – 22-28

May 06, 2017

Whoops! I’m a little late posting this (again!) but I haven’t missed a day yet. Whew. We are a quarter of the way in and I am definitely feeling the challenge fatigue (so much so that I switched up my “style” midweek) but I’m still plugging along and feeling (relatively) good about my chances to make it to day 100!

22/100: Hortense hauls heaps.

23/100: Ralph races on the road.

24/100: Carmen constantly craves carrots.

25/100: Esme experiments.

26/100: Rohan reads.

27/100: Paddy plays for Pip.

28/100: Wilson watches.