April 05, 2017

Last year I tried (and failed) to create a tiny collage for 100 days during #the100dayproject. This year I’m back to it with something a bit less of a stretch for me. Quirky characters. After stalling out around day 50 last year I realized I needed a project I really liked. Something that wasn’t going to take too much of my limited time and something that I knew with absolute certainty I could do for 100 days. So characters it is.

I have only one restriction, it must be two colors. Although even that is a little loose since I subscribe to the screenprinter’s idea of two colors which means “overprinting” to create a third color is totally allowed. I’m calling my project #100daysoftwocolorcharacters.

Other than that I have set no restrictions. I have no particular color palette, no size requirements, no media requirements. I’m keeping it loose. My only goal is to actually make it through ALL 100 days. Can I do it? I hope so.

I’ll be posting weekly updates here or if you’d rather follow along daily you can head over to my Instagram, Twitter or Facebook where I will be spamming people daily with weird two color characters with oddly alliterated descriptions.